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Curtains & Blinds, tailor made

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Four poster bed curtains.jpg

The art of layering. Sheer linen curtains shimmer in the light, with exotic dress curtains behind them.  On the bed are applique curtains handmade in India.

Layering Curtains

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Red Gaston y Daniela Capraia blind.jpg

A sheer roman blind lets the light stream into this bathroom.

The dark red border emphasises the colour

Roman Blinds

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Cream linen curtains.jpg

Off-white linen curtains frame this dramatic entryway to the kitchen.

They have an olive border on the leading edge of each side, which is emulated in the paler green border on the blinds in the opposite bay window.

Photos of this project can be found here.

Dividing Rooms

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Embroidered curtains and cable tiebacks.

These multicolour embroidered curtains are held back with red, crimson and gold tiebacks from Paris.

Dress Curtains

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Bespoke office blinds.jpg

Linen blinds with dark green borders add warmth to this London office

Commercial spaces