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We have a proven track record for good management, budgeting responsibility and finishing on time. 
We typically:
  • Project manage refurbishments and extensions.
  • Budget projects and manage their construction with contractors.
  • Obtain planning permission, listed building consent and freeholders consent.
  • Collaborate with architects, consultants and engineers.
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Max Buston Design is engaged as Interior Designer and Project Manager and completes the project from start to finish.  Sometimes an external project architect forms part of the team.  Max Buston Design provides the Concept and Detailed Design drawings for tender.  As project manager we write the Schedule of Works.
We normally submit the tender pack to 2-3 reputable contractors, and act as contracts administrator if required.  We typically use the RIBA Domestic Build Contract which provides a formal structure between client and contractor, and has safeguards for all parties.
Once a contractor is engaged, their work is monitored by us.  Max Buston Design takes on a Project Management role, in that:
  • We visit site frequently to ensure the project runs smoothly.  We monitor the work according to the Schedule of Work and conduct fortnightly valuations.  We issue Interim Payment Certificates against the work that permits the Contractor to raise invoices.
  • We ensure the project is completed on time according to the contractor's original timeline. 
  • We ensure that the architectural fixtures (floor finishes, sanitary ware etc.) arrive on time.
  • The project is design led.  We deal with issues arising from site conditions and design clever solutions to ensure the result is of benefit to the finished interior.
  • The design is kept in its true form and corners are not cut.
  • If a client wants to develop something differently that process can be managed and variations added to the contract, and timeline updated.

Typical project structure

construction foundations.jpg
Our construction experience includes metal and timber extensions, basement conversions and total restorations.  Including obtaining planning permission and party wall agreements, through to costing and construction.
As the project develops, Max Buston Design manages quality control, and continues to show samples to the client.  Such as:
  • Choosing stone finishes for bathroom walling or bespoke furniture and flooring
  • Making final decisions on paint colours and special finishes
  • Keeping finishes consistent throughout the interior
Hotel projects normally run differently to residential work. One or several mockup rooms are created, where a whole finished room type can be reviewed by the client and hotel manager, in advance of the final rooms being finished.  This is also an appropriate stage to review the bespoke furniture and specialist finishes.
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Choosing stones for bespoke marble furniture typically requires a warehouse visit.  Clients can come too...
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Procurement of Architectural Fixtures and FF&E

At the same time Max Buston Design is normally in charge of procuring the Architectural Fixtures, such as stone, tiles and sanitary ware. This covers the budgeting, design and costing of all items.  The key benefits of this coordinated approach is:
  • We have control over the interior finishes and their quality.
  • The overall budget is managed centrally.
  • For bespoke items we manage the manufacture and quality control.
  • We coordinate the logistics of getting materials to site and installed on time.
We also procure the Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E). This includes:
  • Fixed items such as joinery, including bookcases and banquettes.
  • Loose furniture such as armchairs, sofas and tables.
  • Window treatments, including curtains and blinds.
  • Lighting, both architectural and decorative.
During the design and project management phases we have regular meetings with our clients to finalise all of the decisions, and coordinate this with the project's timeline.  We then have everything delivered when the site is ready.
delivering furniture by crane 02.jpg
Delivering a sofa in Central London via a crane.  Extra wide furniture can be delivered in this way and afford a much richer and contemporary feeling to an interior.
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Final Dressing

When the project is ready, it is handed back over to Max Buston Design for installation of the furniture, and dressing of the project.

This phase is not to be underestimated. It involves arranging the furniture, hanging the curtains, as well as all of the accessories to make a home, or hotel, feel like a home away from home.
Table decoration.jpg
Site dressing can include all of the tableware to set a table...
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Max Buston Design typically manages the project construction, including budgets and timelines.  For restoration projects, we can manage the whole process, setting up the project, contracts and recommending trusted builders.  Lifting all the stresses of project management from a client's shoulders, so that they can focus on the design and end use of the interior.  This ensures our projects are design led and achieve exceptional results.
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