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The Factory opens its doors

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Long in the making, the redesign of this old metal factory into offices for the Madeleine Milburn Literary, TV & Film Agency, is now complete.

Upon arrival the visitor passes through MMLA 'Agency Green' metal gates, and is met with an axial viewpoint through the factory, where everything, including the busy workings of the office, are slightly out of sight, carefully disguised by a series of bookcases and screens.

Books abound, some displayed on steel 1880's shelves taken from the Old Bodleian library in Oxford; others in break-front white wooden shelves. The colour scheme is warm, with overtones of the deep green, and undertones of mushroom, tan, off-whites and metal.

The factory itself presented a #blankcanvas and so a series of spaces had to be created, including reading, dining and event areas, workstations, a meeting pod and telephone booth.

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