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The Design Process

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Each and every project is tailor made to the client's specific requirements. 
The interior design of a typical project involves:
  1. Initial Discussions
  2. Concept Design
  3. Detailed Design
  4. Client Approval
The design typically develops over 4-8 weeks.
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Phase 1: Initial discussions

After making contact with Max and his team a meeting will be arranged, preferably on-site where we will discuss the project. Specifically:
  • The vision for your project
  • Project ideas and possible concepts
  • Design limitations and boundaries
  • Colours
  • Materials and furnishings
  • Structural alterations
  • The timeframe and budget
Concept design meeting.jpg
Getting ready for a  design meeting in our studio
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dressing_room colour sketch.jpg

Phase 2: Concept Design

The concept is tailored to your project and provides us with a blueprint to transform your space.  You should have a good idea of what the finished interior will look like.
It is an iterative process with the client and several meetings take place.
A concept normally includes:
  • 1:50 general arrangement and furniture plans
  • Mood imagery
  • Mood boards for each area
  • Suggestions for furniture and lighting
  • Conceptual photoshop renderings for key spaces
Sketch for a proposed dressing room
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Sample_paint plan.jpg
Concept Paint Scheme for a farmhouse in the south west
Mood imagery showing contrasting materials for a bathroom
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Phase 3a: Detailed Design - Architecture

Detailed Design turns the concept into a working package that can be costed and sent for construction.  It is a crucial phase, and the better everything can be nailed down now, means an easier time on site. It involves a significant amount of work including:
  • A final visual and material presentation
  • Furniture layout plans
  • Floor finish and reflected ceiling plans
  • Key elevations of each room
  • Architectural finishes schedules
Sample general arrangement plan.jpg
General arrangement plan for a Master Bedroom suite
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Phase 3b: Detailed Design - Bespoke Furniture

At Max Buston Design, typically the majority of furniture in a project is bespoke, to give you a unique interior.  Some items are fully designed and manufactured by us.  Other times existing products are ordered to our requirements, such as changing the dimensions and materials.
Each item requires 1:20 detailed drawings in plan, elevation and section, to be submitted to manufacturers for costing.
window seat detailed drawings.jpg
Drawing of a window seat in 1:10.  The cushion, panel design, mouldings and cupboard knobs are specified by us.
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Budgeting and procurement

We normally provide furniture budgets early in the detailed design phase.  The project furniture is split into various groups: bespoke, off-the-shelf and antiques.
As part of the management process on the next page, we deal with the procurement, delivery and installation of furniture for our projects in addition to overseeing the construction work.

Phase 4: Client approval

Once the Detailed Design package has been submitted, a follow up meeting with the client is made to discuss the designs in detail.  Any ammendments can be made.
The Detailed Design package will be submitted for tender to contractors and manufacturers, and so it is important that the key parts of the design are agreed upon prior to the project going into construction.
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