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Dr Maximilian Buston

Max has over 15 years of design experience.  Never content to stand still, he was completing commissions during his university career.  By the time he completed his doctorate in Aegean Archaeology at the University of Oxford he went on to work for world renowned designer, Anouska Hempel, becoming her studio director. They were constantly travelling between the Far East and Central Europe to North America. Max gained an understanding of the importance of architecture, materials and sheer strength of character through Anouska Hempel's work.  He employs these strengths in his own design practice.

Strong architecture runs through all of Max's work. He starts with symmetry, proportion and architectural features, to enable an interior to be enhanced by its core, building on the best that it has.  His signature for interior design, is the layering and daring use of colour and pattern.  Max puts together colours that unexpectedly work well and provide a sophisticated interior. These layers of detail build up a picture of beauty.  Importantly, no one thing can be too bright or obvious.  When a room is beautiful and you don’t quite know why, the room is not only beautiful, it can be breathtaking. 

The range of work Max does varies greatly, from colourful classicism to contemporary chic. His approach is always with strength and definition.  He achieves this using bespoke, tailor made designs, from specialist finishes to furniture, that are designed by him and made by expert craftsmen to fit perfectly into his projects.

In the summer of 2021, Max opened his first showroom on the trendy Richmond Hill at number 15, and started taking on international commissions. A year later, he married Richard, a celebrated canoeist.  They live on the south coast of Devon in a beautiful spot overlooking the sea.

About Max

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The Studio and Team

In order to provide you with an exceptional design service, Max only takes a small handful of commissions at any one time.  He is currently working on a Chateau in the south of France, a country retreat in Wiltshire and several homes in London, including the Royal Star and Garter.

The showroom also specializes in bespoke curtains, blinds and upholstery, including new furniture and reupholstery of your own items.  To facilitate this it has an enormous library of design resources, materials and fabrics, and helpfully, all carefully vetted by Max.  You will only find Max's hand-picked things in the showroom.

Assisting in the projects and showroom is a talented team of architectural and interior design assistants.

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Bharat Sharma
Senior Designer

Bharat has 7 years interior design experience, managing projects from initial concept to completion at Studio Aida before joining Max Buston Design in 2023.

He plays a key role in our projects, from the creative side to the technical challenges in pulling off complex design briefs.  Bharat graduated with distinction at Annamalai University in 2016.


Hannah Mortiboys
Interior Design Assistant

Hannah assists with our interior design projects as well as keeping the studio's engine roaring.

Hannah graduated with first class honours in Fashion at Kingston University before joining Max Buston Design.

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Working with fabrics, stones and metals in the studio

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project management at max buston design.

Project management and construction from start to finish

Find out more about our design process and project management in the following pages.

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