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Bespoke Furniture

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Anything can be bespoke.

Bathroom vanities and wardrobes,

kitchens, sofas, dining tables and chairs...

Furniture can be modified to your requirements, or built entirely from scratch.

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This octagonal table was made in solid walnut.

It can perfectly sit 5, or any number up to 8.

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Octagonal Table

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We painted on brass bowties, traditionally used to join timber boards together.

Then we gave the table a glossy lacquer.

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This sofa was made with railway boards from the Netherlands.  The fabric is from Milan.

The sofa is 7.6m in total, allowing seating for 10.  It was designed with a deep seat, low back and arms.

10-seater sofa

Bespoke sofa 01.jpg

The piping is a ribbed cotton from Paris.

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Carrara Marble Table

Carrara marble table detail.jpg

This oval table was designed to fit perfectly with the fluted banquette, also designed by us, in this bay window.

The base of the table is made from 5 solid brass bars to give strength - for statement and stability.

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